Environmental and Education Grants

Although we write all kinds of grants, this firm specializes in environmental and education grants.

Striving to be part of the sustainability solution, we have a passion for and commitment to helping nonprofits secure funding for projects that will help move the needle on the environmental crisis. We help write grants for projects that will mitigate climate change, protect natural resources, promote renewable energy, improve air and water quality, train the next generation of environmental stewards, and transition to clean energy technologies with a sense of urgency.

Environmental grant subjects include climate change, environmental policy, environmental justice/climate equity, air quality, public health, clean transportation (near-zero and zero emissions freight and vehicles), and clean air technologies — all in California; environmental education; STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education (11 wins); water quality; farmland protection; sustainable forestry; aquatic invasive species; land conservation; renewable energy; and energy efficiency R&D in the areas of recycled feedstock in glass manufacturing and industrial refrigeration systems for supermarkets.

We also write grants to enhance educational experiences from K-12 through higher education. We have worked with K-12 school districts in the areas of diversity, access, and equity in education; intercultural student experiences; increasing access to post-secondary education for underserved students in urban high schools; literacy enrichment for underserved students, and STEM air quality monitoring programs for middle and high school students living in low income and disadvantaged communities in Southern California. Higher education grants include environmental education, urban teacher education, historic and cultural preservation, archaeology, university library archives, and veterans and active military students.